This is our group (Summer 2017)!


We love to stay in the lab.

all in focus_scale

Our FTIR spectrometer is fully equipped for various optical and optoelectronic measurement.


You can look very cool during experiment!

Cool folks_scale

The white board helps a lot during our discussion ūüėÄ .
Board discussion_scale

The Bolometer is the coolest thing in our lab, 4 K degree!Bolometer_Ali

You can image what a fun to work with liquid nitrogen, esp. during the summer!
LN tank Chu_scale LN_tank Jing

We frequently use electron beam lithography tool to fabricate nanostructures. Wafer scale nanofabrication capabilty is current under development.

Jing is inspecting the nanostructures he fabricated in the cleanroom with a scanning electron microscope.
SEM Jing